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          UNU VIEWS

          What Will the next US Ambassador to UN Do with Peacekeeping?

          • PEACE & SECURITY
          • Adam Day United Nations University

          With deep divisions on the UN Security Council and growing peace and security tensions in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, how will the incoming US ambassador to the UN approach their critical role in global security and international cooperation?



          Where the Water Is

          If governments do not embrace unconventional water resources, achieving SDG 6 will be as difficult as getting water from a stone — and the consequences for water-scarce regions will be dire.


          Biodiversity in Kanazawa: Summer’s Lesson

          The influence of biodiversity on Kanazawa’s food culture spans scales from landscapes to local crop varieties. The city’s vibrant local cuisine reflects the diversity and plentiful supply of fresh foods provided by the surrounding sea, fields, and mountains.


          Cleaning up Fukushima

          The Ministry of the Environment of Japan and UNU collaborate to produce a video documentary about the decontamination efforts in areas affected by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

          Deep roots of community resilience

          Deep Roots of Community Resilience

          The resilience demonstrated by communities in Japan’s Tohoku region may be one of the best modern-day lessons on what the rest of the world can do to prepare for disasters and the consequences of climate change.